the one about to-do lists

I’m going through the process of sharing old posts that were written but never published, for one reason or another. This one is from March 2015.

So, life has been more busy than usual lately. And some things have been put on the “less important than feeding your children, doing finals, and learning a brand new job” back burner. You know the one. My urgent list currently has: school, helping the hubby start a business, coordinating a fundraiser, and breaking both my children’s fevers on it. The 2nd place list has wedding anniversary and getting my chickens to stop eating their own eggs. 

So after all that, there is the back burner list. And one of the things on it is the gardening ventures.

My kitchen window is the place where I keep cuttings, fresh flowers, or anything else that makes me happy. And today I noticed that one of the vases, (aka, soda bottles) had a really low water level..So low that it could have killed my herbs. Somehow though, those little guys decided they had more life to live, and just shot down roots faster in three days than the past month combined.

It’s as if the dry season forced their roots down deep.

Aren’t we the same way?

Now those little guys are ready to move. Because their roots are mature, they are ready for transplant and will soon live near their cousins on the other side of the windowsill.

It makes me wonder how long they would have been stuck in the kitchen if they hadn’t gone through the drought.

I’ll let us chew on the metaphor for a while now.

I’m off to break some fevers.

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  1. Oh thank you for this timely entry. I’m going to share it with Cate Curtis right away. She just moved into her first apartment in Dallas and although she won’t complain I can feel the stress in her voice. She ran out of gas two nights ago on the tollway. Will she find a job? Can they make ends meet? Will she fail? All unsaid fears flooding her mind constantly. Life hasn’t always been easy for her and she will appreciate this more than anyone I know.

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