The one about herbs.

My favorite bible teacher preached a sermon where he said, “discipline isn’t our punishment. It’s our reward for producing fruit.”

Where we live, this winter has been very mild. So mild, in fact, that several of the herbs in my tiny garden have voted to skip dormancy this year.

The ones that have really caught my attention are my rosemary plants. Over the past few years, I have planted several rosemary plants, and most of them are lively right now. But, one of them is triple the size of the other ones.

Now, I’m no master gardener. So I probably did something wrong to cause most of the other ones to be so small still.

But, whatever the reason, I have this one that continues to mature faster than the others.

If I’m honest, I’d have to say that I don’t know if discipline is a reward for producing fruit. I don’t know much of anything. Maybe discipline is simply a part of life that everyone eventually goes through. But I know this: as a novice gardener, I keep pruning the plant that keeps growing.

It seems to be a cycle. I prune it, so it grows. So I prune it, so it grows.

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