Rant about the Internet & Parenting

Looking back on this post, it reads really blame-y and argumentative. It’s worth mentioning that I am, in fact, its intended audience.


Something that has confused me lately is how quickly people (myself included) rush to Google when we have a question about parenting. Or about ANYTHING, for that matter, that we aren’t fully versed in.

The internet is full of different people’s thoughts and opinions.

You might be surprised to hear this, but some of the advice is.. [wait for it…] bad advice. (gasp. I know, right?)

You can use the internet to defend any argument or parenting method imaginable if you are looking for it. Just because someone out there agrees with your life choices does not make them right. It’s like we “know” this. But we don’t really. If you want to learn how to parent, how to get your kid to sleep well, eat the right food, stop crying, doesn’t it make more sense to go to the Creator of that human being and ask for advice?

So if you want to figure out how to best love your child? How to teach them? What to teach them? ┬áPlease don’t do a google search and obey whatever advice is most common.

Ask Him. He knows what that baby needs.

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