Marriage Letters: Alive


On the first Monday of every month, I am joining some friends who write letters to their spouses. This month the premise is “What Makes You Come Alive”.


Dear Adam,
When we moved to this tiny town, I thought things would be so different.
I’m not sure all the ways. But different, nonetheless.

I heard someone once say, as we come to know God, we become more of our truer self. As if, He made us to be comfortable in our identity. But, the lies and traps of the world convince us to be ashamed of who we really are.

Until we are set free.

Years ago, I would have said you were free. Not really knowing what that meant. And, maybe I still don’t.

But I was drawn to you because of freedom. For the hours of church attendance I had acquired, I had no understanding of grace. Of gospel. But you did. And I wanted what you had..

I wonder from time to time what exactly shifted in you when we moved here. I wonder if it was gradual. Maybe I was going through so much transition I didn’t see it when it was happening. I think about the prayers of the church when we came. I think about unleashing and warring and impartation. All of these and more are the culprits, I’m guessing.

 How I love you.

You are more yourself now than ever. You are more free now then you’ve ever been. I see it when you spend time with people who are hurting and broken and need more Jesus, which is really all of us, right? Oh, and how do you understand that so well, anyway? Man, I’m glad I get to be your wife.

You’ve come alive while loving the ones Jesus loves. I think being alive is like a disease.

And it’s contagious.  And it is awakening something in me.

Yours forever,


3 Replies to “Marriage Letters: Alive”

  1. I love that (at the core of this) there’s the good word that your man makes you better or more for the Kingdom, and in general. That’s just as it should be. God bless

  2. That was a truly beautiful letter! You are obviously smitten with him and his adoration for God. Nothing is hotter than a husband who loves Jesus Christ with his whole heart. (I have one too) I think it is wonderful that you shared your perspective like this. 🙂

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