Marriage Letters: Once Upon a Time

Dear Adam,
It’s coming up on our 5 year anniversary mark. I’m the one who likes to celebrate these things. I’m the one who keeps count like a little child excited for Christmas morning. Not because of presents, or a night away from the kids (Ok, you know that’s part of it) but because it means we have made it through another thing together. Another year.

Do you remember the letters you wrote when we started dating? My heart would pound in my chest as words poetically melted into each other. I daydreamed about when we would be married. And in my head, that meant days on end of happiness and cuddling.

People told us that it would be so hard. People who really knew. But, I didn’t care. I didn’t even listen much because I thought that if I got to spend forever with you nothing else mattered. No one else, nothing else, could make my heart burn like you did.

Well, big gulps.

I was a wee bit naive.

You still give me butterflies. More than before, even.

But some days are really hard. And we’ve learned that other things do, in fact, matter.

I’ve changed a lot. You made me a mother. And motherhood has grown my heart beyond what I thought possible.
Now, while writing this, I have cried twice just during the remembering. I’ve kissed a crying 3 year old with a toy box injury.

I’ve pulled dirt out of the baby’s mouth. I’ve started and stopped this writing so many times to get through the daily things that I’m not sure I’ll complete it. The things that wear and tear and bring so much joy.

And I anticipate your return more than I ever have. More than I ever did then. Not only because I feel like I can’t survive in the daily without you. But, mostly because you understand finding joy in the dish washing.
You helped me seek Jesus at the beginning of us.
But, you show me Jesus now in the dish washing. And my heart burns so much more.
I’m always yours.


On the first Monday of every month I will be writing letters with Amber Haines’ “Marriage Letters” series. Go check out her most recent post!


6 Replies to “Marriage Letters: Once Upon a Time”

  1. Hi 🙂 I found your letter from the Marriage letters Link-up. Having fun reading them all. This one stood out to me because of your words about stopping to care for your children. I have five kids ages 11 months through 9 years old and I completely understand! Even as I write you now, my two year old is saying “mommy!!!” and wanting a snack. It can be so exhausting being a mom and I know that yearning for your husband to walk in the door. Those rough patches in marriage come for sure. Little things make the big difference in keeping the sparks alive. Like writing little love letters in the midst of watching babies:)

    1. Rebekah! It’s good to know we aren’t going at this alone 🙂 blessings on your marriage and your little ones.

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