What exactly does it mean to live simply?

People have their different opinions.  I know some people who would describe it as working only 40 hours a week.  I also know people who say it is working from home.  Some think you can’t do it in America. You must move overseas to truly understand simplicity. Others say, plant a garden. eat organic. RECYCLE! Buy reusable diapers. Take a day off. Go on vacation. Don’t buy things you don’t need. Buy nice stuff so it will last. Give all your stuff away. Spend time with your family.  Move away from your family. Start a family. Stay single.

Some Christian circles we’re around believe that we should live simply like Christ lived- which sometimes lends toward this interesting perspective that Christ was a hippie (and if he wasn’t a hippie, he was at least granola). Long hair. No possessions. Slept in a hammock.  Bummed off of people. Never planned in advance. Sometimes I think people even picture Jesus with a Nalgene in his hand and Chacos on his feet.

I do believe that our culture is too busy. I do think we need to slow down a bit. I have spent a huge part of my life rushing to the next event, the next place, the next thing on my to-do list. I want to learn to slow down.

A few years ago I named the summer -“Try New Things Summer”. I called it a national holiday, tried all kinds of new things, and encouraged family and friends to celebrate with me. I think I will entitle this summer “Keep it simple, Summer”.

Everyone relaxes by doing different things.  For me- rest, relaxation, and sabbath look different every time I do them.

Today, in honor of “Keep it simple, Summer” I baked chocolate chip walnut cookies from scratch. I did a load of laundry and dishes. I listened to jazz. And Josh Garrels’ Pandora. I played with my precious baby. I laughed on the phone with my mom. Later, I think I will spend some time with Jesus. And maybe water my plants.

Want to celebrate the new holiday with me? I dare you.



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