The Ring

I’m going through the process of sharing old posts that were written but never published, for one reason or another. This one is from 2014.

Round one. This love. Intense. Endless conversations. Can’t catch my breath. Can’t sleep. Can’t eat. Obsessed. Heart pounding in my chest. You see me.

Round two. No one fights fair. This passion. I swing and I miss. More and more. Over and over. You see me.

Some changes. A new adventure. Life upside down. These fingers. So tiny. Can’t sleep. She won’t sleep. New job. Can’t focus. Please whisper. New sibling. More laundry. Interruptions. These dishes. Don’t wake the baby.

Some days it feels like us on pause.

Wanting to push play.

Waiting to push play.

And then forgetting to push play.

What round is this?

I can’t see you.

I can’t even find you.

Where are your hands? Mine are so lonely.

Find me again.

A tribute to you, love. For remaining. But for so much more than remaining.

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