16 year old me

Dear 16 year old me,
Since it’s been a decade since I’ve seen you, I thought I would write you to let you in on some things. These are some things that I really want you to know. Oh, how I wish you knew..

You are so beautiful. No, really. I’m not being arrogant. You are truly beautiful. But, beauty isn’t at all what you think it is.

It’s being able to see beauty in those around you.

Beauty is the joy in you.

Beauty is when you are kind to strangers.
It’s when you tell people how great they are. You see it in them. But, sometimes they don’t. You have to tell them what you see.

Stop looking for love.
You know love. And I’m not talking about a boy- although you will find him too.. next year. CHILL OUT. You meet him next year.
I’m talking about your maker. He loves you so much. And in 10 years, you still will barely know how much.

Oh, and Rachel, you will have daughters. I’m serious. At least two, maybe even more later.
And they need to know what true beauty is. They will look to you to learn about body image. So quit hating your body. Please. Just stop.

Another thing, most of your friends now, you won’t even talk to in 10 years.
But, want to know something crazy? Some of your best friends, will be your best friends forever. So treasure those friendships. Those girls who don’t care if your hair is fixed and don’t make you feel insecure.. you will get married together, have babies together, talk, laugh, and cry with them for years and years. Love them well.

One last thing, Rachel, you will meet your husband really soon. I know that sounds crazy, but you will. And he is amazing. Actually more amazing than you are able to understand right now. He is funny. And brilliant. And strong. And so hot- like the hottest man you will ever meet (although that is NOT as important as you think).
Anyway, what I want you to know is that love is not like the Disney romance you imagine. It’s hard. And you will cry a lot. And you will lose sleep. And sometimes go to sleep mad. And he doesn’t ride in on a white horse. (he will get a Jeep wrangler at one point=basically the same thing)
But, it is worth it.
So don’t quit.
Pray for him every day… oh, how I wish you could learn that now..

Hope this helps.
26 year old me

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